Arrifana Pines Surf Accommodation


Bed and Breakfast located in Vales. Near Aljezur (4km) and close to the amazing beaches of Arrifana,  Monte Clérigo and Amoreira. Arrifana Pines provides unique, sustainable accommodation perfect for your holiday needs. 

Unwind with us and experience all that the West Algarve has to offer!


Arrifana Pines



Previously a pine tree plantation, Arrifana Pines Surf Accommodation is being transformed into a food forest and a self sustaining Bed and Breakfast. Located in close proximity to some of the most breathtaking beaches the West Algarve has to offer.

Princess Layer The Chicken

Chill with

our chickens

Our ladies love life here at Arrifana Pines, so much that they reward our guests daily with freshly laid eggs.  When not rewarding us, they are usually found socialising or partying in their coop. They’d love for you to stop by and say Hello.




With solar powered hot water and a Pizza cob oven fuelled by wood grown on site, we aim to be a low impact holiday choice for anyone to come and learn, or advise on ways to reduce our impact on mother earth.  And to have fun and full bellies while doing so!

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Have you heard of Kombucha?

Made from fermented tea by a symbiotic culture of probiotics and yeast (SCOBY), this beverage has been around for more than 2,000 years.  Probably the most important part of your diet is to have something fermented everyday- healthy gut – healthy mind! 


Perfect after a long surf session or a hike: Close your eyes, enjoy a massage or go for a relaxing Yoga session. We are delighted to work with The Dawn Collective Shala, near Arrifana beach – they offer a variety of relaxing & therapeutic treatments as well as open Hatha-, Flow- and Ashtanga yoga classes. Find all details on their website:

Arrifana Sunset Surfshop

Surf Shop

Only a minute away our friends at Arrifana Sunset Surf Shop have everything you need. Fully stocked with boards of all shapes including SUPs and bodyboards. Car straps, wax and anything else you might need, they have it!

If you like we can have a board and wetsuit waiting for your arrival. Please contact us with your requirements.

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Avada Admin

If you fancy giving surfing a go or brushing up on your skills. Arrifana Pines can arrange lessons for your via our trusted Surf School WATERPROOF Portugal.

“We know that the true meaning of things must be experienced time and time again in order to truly feel them. We are here to share, teach and provide experiences and unique moments to all those who want to join us!

Fitted with all the necessary elements, we bet on a personalised education for a follow-up and development of excellence in the World of Surf.”


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